Upcoming Events

Happiness Habits 613 kickoff

February 1st, 2023 (Pending) | 7:00-9:00 PM EST | TBA

Happiness Habits 613 is a grassroots group in Ottawa-Gatineau created in 2015 that cultivates healthy habits in the community through the 9 Pillars of Happiness. 

More info about this event to come!

Past Events

Women’s Health Retreat

Sept 30- Oct 2, 2022| Le Riverbend, Lac Ste Marie

A 2-day series of workshops covering the 4 pillars of wellness: self-awareness, sleep, movement and nutrition.

Self-Awareness Sessions led by Brooke Eagle, MSW, RSW


Sometimes, even when equipped with education and knowledge about healthy choices, we may still engage in self-defeating behaviours. Behavioural patterns, such as substance use, eating patterns, procrastinating, taking on too much, people-pleasing, self-criticism, perfectionism, and so on, can be hard to break, even when we know they are not serving us well in the long run. This session will focus on targeting emotional barriers to change. Most people have the tendencies to struggle against difficult feelings, thoughts and sensations (“I shouldn’t be feeling this way”), to try to numb, avoid, or escape them all together (“I don’t want to feel this way”), or to get stuck in rumination (“I can’t stop thinking about it”). This session will explore why we do this, common ways we do this, the consequences in terms of self-care, and what we can do about it. The goal of this session is to learn how to get out of autopilot mode – having our difficult thoughts, feelings and sensations control our behaviours – and get back into the driver’s seat.

Third-Wave Grand Rounds Professional Development Seminar

Nov 4, 2022 | 1:00-2:00pm | Online


Schema therapy is an integrative therapy developed by Jeffrey Young (1990, 1999) and colleagues that significantly expands on traditional cognitive-behavioural treatments and concepts by integrating techniques from psychodynamic, attachment, and Gestalt models. Schema therapy emphasizes core emotional needs and developmental processes and is designed to treat lifelong entrenched patterns. It offers a conceptual model of early maladaptive schemas, and a therapy framework for helping individuals gain psychological awareness of their maladaptive schemas, and the childhood memories, emotions, sensations, cognitions and coping styles associated with them, as well as cognitive, affective, and behavioural interventions targeted towards schema healing. This presentation will provide an overview of how I apply the schema therapy model in practice and incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’s six core processes of defusion, acceptance, contact with the present moment, the observing self, values, and committed action.